Harley Schwarz

GPA: 3.8

Class Rank: Top student from Evergreen High School


My name is Harley Schwarz I am a graduate of Four County Career Center. After being in the CAD/3D Modeling lab for the two years I have learned multiple programs for engineering and architecture. I have used this knowledge to help in many side project outside of the school. I also have a few years of retail work.


Thank you reading about me and hope to hear from you soon.


Clubs And Groups

manufacturing and driving 1 year

The parts I helped manufacture were the main frame and drive trains of the bot. The driving aspect was when we where doing competition for state. With the driving we had multiple drives but had main ones on certain course and even a secondary which I was for some of the courses. Being a secondary driver you helped control the robot and shot foam balls at targets when needed. Robotics was a nice group to learn a little more from.

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