Austin Tomaszewski

GPA: 3.9

Class Rank: 16 of 170


I am Austin Tomaszewski and I graduated from the SMART Lab Program at Four County Career Center. I have done pre-engineering, manual, and CNC work during my two years at Four County. I have also taken multiple classes to enhance my drawing and design abilities when working with blueprints. I am working towards a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering while attending Northwest State Community College. I am looking for skill-based work that involves engineering, or any type of CNC programming.

With the two years of experience at Four County I gained essential skill that can help out the aging workforce to get more young guys into the field to pursue the vacancies. I am able to work with manual lathes, mills, CNC lathes, mills, FANUC Robots, and OTC Arc Welders. My strong suit is in the machining/design aspect of the program. I can confidently run a lathe or mill as well as work with the engineering team if need be.


“Life Goes By Too Quick if You don’t Stop and Enjoy the Moment”

One of my personal favorite quotes from Elon Musk is “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”


Contact Me!

Bryan, Ohio 43506
United States

Here are some YouTube links for a little bit more about me. The first one is me and the second one is my lab instructor talking about me briefly.


Carrols Corporation
2019-Present 1220 S Main St. Bryan, OH, 43506

Work for Carrols Corporation where I am a Shift
Supervisor. There are a few duties that I must uphold for the
company. Must make deposits for the company when
necessary; I have to manage people and shift control. I also
help out fellow coworkers wherever necessary.


Youth Soccer Camp
2017-2019 Bryan, OH, 43506

I helped out with a Youth Soccer Camp for the ages of U10-U15. This camp lasted a whole week throughout the summer in which the high school soccer players helped train the younger soccer players. I had a lot of fun being involved in this camp because it gave me the opportunity to do some one on one coaching with the younger kids.

Line Referee
2017-2019 Bryan, OH

I volunteered as a line referee for youth soccer teams throughout the fall soccer seasons. This gave me the chance to assist any young player that was struggling in honing their soccer skills.

Academic Awards

NCAA Honorable Mention

I was granted an NCAA Honorable Mention award during my 2020 soccer season.

Defensive MVP

I was granted the Defensive MVP award on my Bryan High School Soccer team during the 2020 season.

4 Year Letter Winner

I was granted the 4 Year Letter Winner award on my team for being on varsity for all four years of high school.

Athletics and Sports

Defender: Left Back, Center Back 2007-Present

I played Soccer throughout my life and shined in High School. My senior year I was awarded a few accolades to top off my high school career. I received the Defensive MVP Award, I was a 4 Year Letter Winner, and I was an NCAA Honorable Mention.

Clubs And Groups

Leadership Team Member 2019-Present

I was part of the SkillsUSA Leadership team at Four County Career Center and participated in multiple contests such as: CNC Technician and CNC Turning. I have participated in the Regional competition for CNC Technician in 2020. I also participated in a state competition for CNC Turning in April 2021.

National Honors Society
Member 2019-2021

I was part of Bryan High School’s National Honors Society.

National Technical Honors Society
Member 2019-2021

I was part of the National Technical Honors Society at Four County Career Center.

Echo Tour Guide
Member 2019-2021

I gave 8th graders a tour through my SMART Lab.

Student Council
Member 2019-2020

I was part of the Student Council at Four County Career Center.

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