Woodville United Methodist Church

Please click the button below to provide feedback. All buttons below are live including the button to “View Rewards Center” to demonstrate how earning rewards by providing feedback can earn rewards!


7-29-2021 – New questions launched! Click “Provide Feedback – Earn Rewards” to provide feedback!

7-29-2021 – Questions have been coming in about the “wording” on some of the questions and what that means. Keep those questions coming we are happy to help – Realize that what we are administering is a more subjective “Culture Building” process. Questions were developed more generally from our analytics team. Try not to over think the questions but certainly ask away if you want – Chad@base-results.com

7-29-2021 – COMING SOON – Destazio’s Bistro will be added soon to our rewards center! This will provide a local option to use the points you are accumulating in the rewards center!

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