Westview Veterinary Hospital

Core Values:

  1. Provide High quality medical/surgical care with the best possible service.
  2. Valuing our staff and our client’s trust and goodwill
  3. Positive attitude conveyed to every staff and client
  4. Showing genuine concern for each member of our team and our patients. We remember that they chose us, not vice versa.
  5. Commitment to two-way communication by all stakeholders to create avenues for improvement of client results and outcomes.
  6. A commitment to professional development for staff; providing opportunities for growth individually and as a company.

Accountability Principles:

We believe in open, honest, constructive and respectful two-way communication.

Meaningful work and relationships are our priority.

We utilize formal and informal data/feedback in relation to stakeholder feedback

Character Principles:

We promote discussion in staff meetings around our values.

Meaningful work and relationships are our priority.

We focus individually and collectively at how well the team functions.

We utilize formal and informal data and feedback to ensure our core values are tangible to all stakeholders.

Discipline Principles:

We place priority on professional development.

We value and encourage diversity of thought.


6/22/2021 – Please note that ISHAS and Tina Baker’s medications will now be kept in the pharmacy and not in the drawer due to the amount of meds they pick up at one time

 6/18/2021-  Staff Meeting Notes

Remove alerts when no longer needed

Script-Out- Click Refill NOT Reprint-  Reprint does NOT put in history

All phone call logs need to make into computer-  If it is worth calling it is worth making a phone call log

Boarding Waitlist Clipboard-  This is located in the bottom drawer, please add any names to it that have requested boarding and we don’t have room, Emmah will check this daily.

Employee boarding-  we will no longer offer free boarding ,  you will still receive your discount, if you have questions see Ronelle and I can explain the reason for this decision

Don’t put twice a day on prescription label, it needs to be every 12 hours

Catch basin in dental room needs to be cleaned after dental(s) daily.

We will be establishing blocks in the computer that CANNOT be filled till the day of appointments.  If in doubt ASK.  this will be worked on next week and will hopefully reflect schedule starting in July

Please provide any suggestion or ideas that you feel will benefit all in the future when staff numbers will be less.

Thank You to all for all there hard work!!!  It is very much appreciated!!!



6-18-2021 – Reminder the questions are live. Click button below. We need your input….

6/16/2021 – There is a new way to process Carecredit. (Yes you can still use the old way). You do not need to go to the internet to process payment, when making the payment “cancel” your payment window (the one where you chose cash, check, discover…), then in the left bottom you will see a small green winged icon. Click that icon and follow prompts. This way will also automatically put the payment in Avimark for you!!

6/14/21  There is a Technician meeting on Thursday June 17, 2021, please bring any topic of discussions for this meeting.  This meeting will be conducted by Ryan

6/9/2021 – Demandforce takes care of reminding the clients with email for the monthly preventions. ie Revolution, Trio, Interceptor Plus, & Simparica. So when the purple follow-up box pops up, please hit cancel as long as they have an email. The reminder will still go on the patients chart it just wont print on the follow up list because WVH does not remind the client, demandforce does for those with an email.

6/8/2021 – Simparica Trio is now JUST TRIO in the computer. Hopefully this will help with miss bills and confusion of products. Also if you have a client that does Interceptor in the fall and Trio in the summer try to document that so it does not look like double heartworm prevention was sold, or wonder if it should have been just simparica.

6/7/2021 – We have another new cautery handpiece. PLEASE remember to autoclave it on the stand up tray and not directly on the autoclave floor!

6/7/2021 – When checking in UPS please date and initial your papers so if I (Aimee) have  question I (Aimee) know who to ask.


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