Westview Veterinary Hospital

  1. Provide High quality medical/surgical care with the best possible service.
  2. Valuing our staff and our client’s trust and goodwill
  3. Positive attitude conveyed to every staff and client
  4. Showing genuine concern for each member of our team and our patients. We remember that they chose us, not vice versa.
  5. Commitment to two-way communication by all stakeholders to create avenues for improvement of client results and outcomes.
  6. A commitment to professional development for staff; providing opportunities for growth individually and as a company.

Accountability Principles:

We believe in open, honest, constructive and respectful two-way communication.

Meaningful work and relationships are our priority.

We utilize formal and informal data/feedback in relation to stakeholder feedback

Character Principles:

We promote discussion in staff meetings around our values.

Meaningful work and relationships are our priority.

We focus individually and collectively at how well the team functions.

We utilize formal and informal data and feedback to ensure our core values are tangible to all stakeholders.

Discipline Principles:

We place priority on professional development.

We value and encourage diversity of thought.


1/19/2022 – HSSC K9 sx consents will be sent home with OUR Rimadyl. We also do not need to send home regular surgical go homes.

1/17/2022 –  Starting 1/31/2022 the last appt being able to be made Monday through Thursday will be 5:00pm. There will be appts available at 11:20am and 1:40pm. Fridays will not change.

1/17/2022 – Starting 1/31/2022 there will be 1 wellness and hour and the rest will be medicals. (If the same client wants to bring 2 pets at one time that is ok) You will still need to ask permission by the doctor before you book in a block off or overflow.

1/17/2022 – Urgent Care Small Animal (32035) is now $50.00

1/17/2022 –  ISHAS Charges. If the surgery is 1) ONLY and spay &/or neuter AND in a voucher spot on the schedule then you will bill the patient out at the surgical consent price. If it is a spay/neuter WITH and other procedure (Dental/lumpectomy ect.. ) or in any schedule spot other than  a voucher,  it will be charged as a full cost with her 25% discount.

1/6/2022 – All TX/Procedure prices went up 10%. So if you see increased prices that is correct

1/6/2022 – Please make sure when you are filling out paperwork for Paws & Remember that you mark EMPLOYEE on the paperwork so they receive the discounted price. Also remember that private cremations get 1 free keepsake, if a client wants extra they are $25.00 a piece. YOU must put the price in the computer.

12/28/2021 – Denamarin is slowly becoming obsolete, It will be replaced with Denamarin Advanced Chewable tabs. They come in 2 sizes, large and small/medium. 30 count bottles. (Small to Medium Dog Dog’s Weight (lbs) Number of Tablets Per Day 7-14 1/4 15-25 1/2 26-50 1 Large Dog Dog’s Weight (lbs) Number of Tablets Per Day 51-85 1 86-130 1 Over 130 2)

12/27/2021 –  Please remember we have our IDEXX wet lab for digital cytology next Monday Jan 3th 11a-1pm.

12/22/2021- Thiamine powder!! its in now #24041 is now Thiamine powder B1 per pound. (13 of the blue scoops = 1 pound) You will charge the client quantity 1. Hopefully this change will help us all 🙂

12/15/2021 – Please note that Ring Central is on the Hallway 2 computer (the one with the scanner) until the Hallway 3 computer is fixed. PLEASE do not close Ring central down – we will not receive faxes if it is closed. Yes you can fax from this computer also.

12/14/2021 – Please try to remember when closing ISHAS invoices, that they are closed separately. Please see Aimee or Ronelle if you are not sure how to close individual invoices.

12/08/2022 – There is a Elanco staff sample sheet hanging on the treatment room dry eraser board. Staff can get 1 -6pack for TWO pets. I will submit this form in 1 week.

12/08/2021 – The HSSC has their OWN convenia so please keep this in mind if a cat needs convenia that the shelter can give it themselves and not us.

12/6/2021- Staff meeting Tuesday December 21, 2021

12/1/2021 – December Bday lunches is Candy & Whitney!! Please let Aimee or Ronelle know what and where 🙂

11/29/2021 – Dog tags will be sold starting 12/1/2021 until 1/31/2022 for $20.00 a tag with ONE $0.75 application fee. After 2/1/2022 tags will be $40.00 with ONE $0.75 application fee, unless this is a new dog. This is for Sandusky County residents only.


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