Westview Veterinary Hospital

  1. Provide High quality medical/surgical care with the best possible service.
  2. Valuing our staff and our client’s trust and goodwill
  3. Positive attitude conveyed to every staff and client
  4. Showing genuine concern for each member of our team and our patients. We remember that they chose us, not vice versa.
  5. Commitment to two-way communication by all stakeholders to create avenues for improvement of client results and outcomes.
  6. A commitment to professional development for staff; providing opportunities for growth individually and as a company.

Accountability Principles:

We believe in open, honest, constructive and respectful two-way communication.

Meaningful work and relationships are our priority.

We utilize formal and informal data/feedback in relation to stakeholder feedback

Character Principles:

We promote discussion in staff meetings around our values.

Meaningful work and relationships are our priority.

We focus individually and collectively at how well the team functions.

We utilize formal and informal data and feedback to ensure our core values are tangible to all stakeholders.

Discipline Principles:

We place priority on professional development.

We value and encourage diversity of thought.


9/16/2021 The only appts to be made between 1-2pm are TNT and Anal glands only. Cytopoints, heartworm test, depo inj, convenia inj and technician only vaccine boosters will need to be an overflow appt.

9/13/2021 – Please see Ronelle regarding a clothes order

9/7/2021 – Paws & Remember ADDITIONAL keepsakes are ALL now $25.00. First one free, additional is $25.00 a piece.

9/7/2021 – Any test being ran on the Element-I you need to put blood in the RED top tube, let sit for 15 minutes, spin, pull serum off and put in little red top tube from Heska and run test. This is per HESKA to help with false results

9/7/2021 – Pimobendan 2.5 mg is ONLY available in a CAPSULE Please be careful what you are handing out and what you are billing for because there are a few TABS still on shelf

9/1/2021 – LA – There is no more Draxxin (and it is inactivated) use Increxxa !

9/1/2021- September bday are Dr. Casey, Sarah J and Alyssa! Please let Aimee or Ronelle know what and when you guys want lunch.

8/30/2021 – Questions for this month are still live! Only a 42% response rate through today! Get your feedback in and earn your points! Check out the rewards center for new ways to spend your points! – Chad

8/30/2021 – We are starting to receive BLUE dog warden papers- This mean you use the Dog Wardens rabies vaccine (bottom right hand side of hallway fridge, not our rabies vaccine) and charge them  code# 49116 Dog Warden k9 Rabies 1 year. This does not have a price associated with it and that is correct. We will still give them a rabies tag.

8/30/21-  Tech appointments will now be from 1-2pm instead of 12-1pm

8/30/2021 – PLEASE print timesheets at your LAST working shift and not the morning of payroll SUBMISSION.

8/25/2021 – We are changing how the after hours phones work. We are now using a company called After Hours Assurance. They will have clients pay a fee before speaking to the doctor on call (unless the pet has been seen in the last 24hrs by us or LVH, then the client will be refunded). This will help weed-out any non-emergencies for our doctors. I do not have a lot of answers at the moment because this is  new. The front desk staff will no longer need to put in the doctor on calls phone number or a back up doctor number. The receptionist will then call a specific mailbox in the morning to retrieve any message that were left that night.

8/23/2021 –  Fremont Animal Hospital got 8 feline distempers from us, they are to be replacing them. PLEASE make sure when they are turned you notify Aimee AND they are the Elanco brand.

8/20/2021 – This months questions are live. Please provide feedback by clicking below. Thank you all for being part of this important process!

8/18/2021 –  Dog Tags are $10.00 if the dog is under THREE months of age. After July 1, 2021 if an owner gets a tag because “they forgot” there is an additional $20.00 penalty on top of the $20.00 tag fee for a total of $40.00. Make sure to put the amount due for the tag in the Fee spot and put the amount due in the penalty spot (if needs charged). Try to get an emergency number and write the amount enclosed on the amount enclosed line on the tag form in the bottom right hand corner. You are the auditor agent so please put your initials on that line. Questions please see Aimee or look at the color coded laminated sheet in the drawer where the tags are.

8/9/2021- We will be having a Lunch and Learn on September 20 around noon with Alli from Idexx on digital cytology demo.


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