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12/01/2022 – 2023 Dog Warden tags are now on sale $20.00 12/1/2022 – 01/31/2023 – Instructions are by the tags. Please initial the paper in the bottom right corner so we know who to ask if we have questions about the form

12/01/2022 – December Bday is Whitney!!! Please let Aimee &/or Ronelle know when and from where 🙂

11/30/2022 – Please be careful when quoting the Solensia inj. (OA for cats). It is a 2 part charge (treatment and inventory just like pro-heart, convenia, ect). The cost is $80.00 not just $40.00

11/30/2022 – Per IDEXX effective 12/07/2022 they will no longer be faxing results for patients. You will need to get results from the pets chart or go to Vet Connect Plus and print results from there. Not sure on a plan to streamline this.

11/28/2022 – There is also going to be a new type of fluid bag – – –0.45% Sodium Chloride. We will still have LRS, Lactated Ringers, 0.9% Sodium Chloride.

11/28/2022 –  Due to unavailability of recycled news paper pellet litter, there is not a FOUR pound Fresh news bag. Please make sure you are charging out correctly, either 4pound or 5 pound bag.

11/28/2022 – Please be mindful there is a LMU intern staying in the house.

11/21/2022 – Per tech service at Zoetis, once you draw up a cytopoint into the syringe it is only good for 1 hour. Dogs under 5 pound who do not use a whole vial, you need to throw away the remaining because the top can only be punctured one time. There are no additives to cytopoint, that is why such a short window of use.

11/21/2022 –  Computer people was here and made some changes with the WiFi so now the surface pros should be working MUCH better!!! Please keep me posted on this.

11/17/22-  Profender and Drontal are not OTC.  We need to have a current exam.  We do NOT need to have seen them for tapeworms as long as they are current . (Treat like Revolution)

11/16/2022 –  We are switching out from Claro to Simplera (generic).

11/11/22- On Friday December 23, 2022, were are closing at 3pm for a Christmas Party here at the clinic.  We are asking that each person bring some type of finger food and if you want to participate in a white elephant gift exchange.  Max gift is $20.00.  There will be a sign up sheet on white erase board in the next few days for people to mark what they are bringing and if you are participating in the white elephant gift exchange

11/08/2022 – If a client wants a different urn from Paw & Rem and the pic SHOWS a paw print, it does not necessary mean it automatically comes with that paw print. We need to reach out to Todd to make sure we order correctly.

11/3/2022 – Carafate is on indefinite B/O

11/01/2022 –  November BDAY is Mikayla!! Please let Aimee/Ronelle know when and what lunch you would like 🙂

11/01/2022 – Home Euthanasia’s are a HOUSE CALL charge only no trip charge in addition

10/24/2022 – Anal glands/TNT CAN DO DONE with any wellness or medical appt.

10/24/2022 –  Mike from Edward Jones will be here Nov. 17 @ 11:00 am to do yearly reviews with all staff.

10/24/2022 plz print drug labels to LARX until the new label printer comes in on Wed or Thursday

10/19/2022 – Brytanna from purina said anyone buying a bag of food online this week please send her a screen shot of purchase and you will be entered in a gift card raffle from her!! Her number is 419 279 7594

10/19/2022 – Nate will not be available Oct 31st through November 4th. Make sure will need to go directly to support email to submit tickets

10/18/22-  When billing for a hematoma, please bill for a punch biopsy, this will take from inventory

When a pet comes in with the form from the Dog Warden, please put in vaccine history but choose Distemper without Lepto 12 weeks, this will set a reminder and also hopefully bring up the discussion of a Distemper with Lepto.  Make sure to let client know that there is a charge for this vaccine. Mark BLUE paper as well

Also if we have seen a pet with Dog Warden and not new owner, we need to establish and client patient relationship so we need to put a wellness and vaccines under a Doctor, this is not a Tech only appointment

10/17/2022 –  The microscope man will be in the area mid November, please let Aimee know if we need him to stop in.

10/12/2022 – We now have on-line portal access for Allivet. EZPetRX.com, wvh@northocastvets.com Ribber29! PIN # for approval is 053824. All info is in the vender card also.

10/11/2022 – If a dog looks less than #20 there is no need to weight it on the lobby scale, back staff will weight the pet on the baby scale for a more accurate weight.

10/06/2022 – October BDAY is Tammy & Paige!!!! Hopefully we will see them both before the month is over LOL

10/3/22– Aimee will block out times on Tuesday 1-2 for TNT and A/G only, Thursday 2-3 TNT and A/G only, and Fridays 11-12 and 2-3 for TNT and A/G only

Continue to shut down computers completely EXCEPT the lab computer, if were still having issues please mark this on white sheet on bulletin board for Nate

No shows need to put under Client Alert by the front desk staff


09/27/2022 – Reminder no same day appts unless the doctor approves them first. New clients need to have a deposit on account before appt can be made.

09/27/2022 – Cryo price is $95.00 first “area”, $45.00 each additional area. If they need to come back at a later time for same spots it will be $45.00. Please ask the dr performing the procedure if you have any questions on price to charge the client.

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