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6/30/2022 – Purina has had another price increase… prices are adjusted in computer

6/28/2022 – Please check your box for a 4th of July surprise from Ryan…

6/28/2022 – If any computer is asking for a PIN… it is 303230 it should work for any computer, SA or LA

6/23/2022 – Heartworm prevention –  A client can get 12 doses from every time a vet has put their hands on the patient.

6/21/22 Staff Meeting

Price increase on procedures effective July 1st

Medical Condition-with orthopedics please mark what leg and make sure you are marking correct leg

When charging for a dental procedure, load group code make sure at this time to put in entire amount of Iso from start of cleaning to end of extractions, then load any teeth that were extracted.  Every tooth for both canine and feline are in with amount to charge.  Any questions please see me.  REMEBER YOU CANT ADJUST ISO AMOUNT ONCE GROUP CODE IS ENTERED, THIS WILL CHANGE THE PRICE OF THE DENTAL

Information on OTC vaccines- see below

If a script is put in Dr’s box to be signed that means it is good to be signed.  You need also to mark the number of refills and make sure that reflects in the medical history

We are no longer making up scrub, Chlorohexidine scrub NOT DILUTE will be put into a bottle (Aimee is ordering flip top bottles) for surgeries.  Also this will b done with alcohol .

Betadine will be diluted and used for wound cleaning NOT Chlorohexidine Scrub (This will be made as needed )

Food labels for clients that have ordered food is in folder on incubator.   Make sure when onloading food you are checking this.  Please call or have pharmacy call client when food is in

4 plus majors in a 6 month time you will be off for a day without pay.  This day will be determined by management









6/20/2022 – Idexx is giving one k9 or one feline blood panel at no cost for employees. Please see Aimee or Ronelle as how to make this happen

6/20/2022 – We can sell vaccines OTC, there will NOT be a vaccine certificate given if the vet does not give them. You will charge the inventory of the vaccine and not produce code

6/13/2022 we will have bamboo house Thursday the 16h for June bday… sign up sheet on corkboard for your order

6/8/2022 – When leaving for the night please be respectful of your other employees and ask if there is anything you can help them with so they can leave also. We are all in this together so please just be kind and thoughtful

6/8/2022 – Please remember, medications called in before noon can be picked up that afternoon, if called in after noon it can be picked up the following day. Saturday call in will be ready MONDAY!

6/8/2022 –  Feline Revolution all size N/A, Mirtazapine – N/A Denamarin Advanced – N/A BUT SOME denamarin  sizes are available

6/02/2022 – Monday 06/13/2022 around 10;30am EVERYONE will need to meet with the Aflac representative so be can become compliant. If you are not interested you just need to sign waiver but they do offer DENTAL & VISION!!

06/02/2022 – We now have apomorphine INJECTABLE!  It is kept in the fridge in pharmacy. It is 3mg/ml (not like the 6mg tabs we currently have). It needs dated when opened becasue only good for 28 days after opening. Can be giving SQ, IM or IV

6/1/2022 – Ryan now has all the info on student loan repayment if staff is interested

6/1/2022 – June BDAY is Laura!! Please let Aimee &/or Ronelle where and when you would like lunch.

5/25/2022 – If you are interested in a sample of YuMove and you did not receive one in your box. Please see Aimee

5/24/22  So for full mouth extractions that will be up to Doctor discretion

5/24/22-   If a technician extracts incisors there is still a !0.00 charge per tooth-  you are still receiving the same service whether a Doctor or Technician does it.  Any questions see Ryan or Maddie

5/24/22-  Teeth extraction prices- There is a laminated sheet on the board by pharmacy of the prices to charge this INCLUDES ISO.  There is a canine and feline chart

Dr Maddie is checking with Ryan if there would be a full mouth extraction price, versus the individual tooth price, also if there is a charge if technicians were to pull incisors.  I will update this when I have answers

Metronidazole injectable should be given over a 30 min time frame, if there is a small amount like max of 3 ml please ask Dr this could be put in the top port and will slowly drip in with the fluid rate being low.  Any questions please ask


Staff Meeting


Friendly reminder that food, cytopoint should have a Doctor number assigned to them

Also any refills for Casey should go under Ryan unless u have consulted with a Doctor

I handed out SOP sheets for the pharmacy, if you have any questions please see me and I can help to get answers

Dr Maddie will be checking with Ryan on the Metro and charging for teeth extractions, when she gets answer we will pass along to staff

After confirming with staff , if a patient is hospitalized, and receiving Metro injectable while in the hospital, please  charge for a bag then put a note in as to the dates and amounts administered.  This can also be put in the assessment under the medical condition.  Any questions please see me.

REMINDER  no boarding can be put in within a week if we don’t have current vaccine history

If taking a reservation, please make sure to print vaccine verification sheet and make sure to get clinic where they get their vaccines





5/19/2022 – Trio staff samples are available. 1 – 6 pack per staff. Sheet is hanging on Dry erase board. Revolution is NOT available for staff samples.

5/18/2022 – Bubba is bringing pizza May 25th for a YuMove informational meeting

5/17/2022 – Mike from Zoetis will be bringing Jimmy John for lunch on Wednesday May 18th and Linda will have Bob Evans on Monday May 23rd for her Bday. Please get your order to Aimee.

5/16/2022 – Please try to make sure when supplies are getting low that they are red on the inventory list to be reordered. Depleting is still not being done or is getting missed.

5/16/2022 –  Since #2 is no longer an option when refilling meds, if Dr. Casey was the last one to have seen the patient, and you have not consulted with an other doctor regarding this refill, please put it under Dr#9.

5/12/2022 – The distemper the Dog Warden give (blue sheets) does NOT contain Lepto! Clients may have to come back to have just Lepto bolstered. We need to make see that is explained to the clients.

5/11/2022 – Private/Save cremations have increased $2.00 for all weight sizes. Non-private/Non-save prices have not changed.

5/10/22 – The pewter keychain and heart keepsake remembrance option can not be engraved for clients. The paw print & Glass oval ornament CAN be engraved

5/6/22– Per discussion with Ryan and Maddie- When purchasing food we still need to make sure that we have seen them in the last year.  I know in the past we have always somewhat considered food OTC, but now we have to assign a Doctor so I need to make sure that it is within a year that a Doctor has physically put their hands on the patient

5/4/2022 – If a credit card does not physically go into the credit card processor then the payment DID NOT go though even though it shows in Avimark. The card has to go in the machine for Westview to get the money!! If that happens tell Aimee or Ronelle immediately!!

5/3/2022 – May birthday is LINDA!!!  Please let Aimee &/or Ronelle know when and where you would like lunch from.

5/2/22– Please assign Doctor number to Cytopoint and food

4/27/2022 – IV warmer is here and in the white cabinet in the kennel room! The info sheet is in there also.

4/27/2022 –  New code #99987 Radiograph for puppy/kitten count $150.00



Idexx will be here on Thursday May 26th.  We need 3 samples to run on new cytology machine from start to finish.  These samples will be credited back to our account.

4/21/2022 – New Dr Schedule starting May 16th.

Monday – Maddie SA AM then off, Ryan SX/SA pm,

Tuesday – Maddie SA AD/Sx,   Ryan FC

Wednesday – Maddie SA AD/Sx  Ryan off

Thursday – Ryan SA AD/Sx, Maddie off

Friday – Ryan SA/AM Maddie SX SA/PM   Ryan off pm

Holly Phillips will start officially June 27th Her SA # is 84, and LA # is 85. Monday is FC AD, Off Tuesday, SA Sx wed/FC pm, Thursday SA SX and FC pm, Friday FC AD

4/19/2022 Pancake breakfast Wednesday April 20th!!

4/19/2022 depo medrol is not available in any strength

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