Tia Wurst


BizPulser LLC


Tia is the CIO of BizPulser. In her role, she will lead the development of the product roadmap as well as organizing, leading and managing an IT department. She will recruit and hire technology professionals to develop the Portal system and the POS system, which will both integrate not only with each other but also with the Lemmesay platform we currently utilize for pulsers and the rewards center. This integration and development will be first priority.


As a Director of IT, Tia has spent over 18 years in designing, developing and implementing customer experience programs for enterprise automotive, hospitality, retail and financial clients.  She has spent over the last 4 years designing, developing and implementing employee incentive programs for enterprise channel clients.    She spent 8 years in management consulting with Ernst & Young LLP.


Tia’s vision for BizPulser is to be an innovative solution in the POS market, the Organizational Portal, Services ticketing/ tracking/feedback industry and more.

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