Thomas Royko

CTO, Tranzamon LLC

Chief Technology Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Full-Stack developer skilled in Golang, PolymerJS, TypeScript, Configuration Management, Agile Software Development, Emerging Programming Languages, and Embedded Systems. Obtained my bachelors in computer science engineering, and now finishing a Masters in Computer Engineering with a concentration in software engineering. Co-owner, CTO, and lead developer of the startup, Tranzamon LLC.

A little bit of background:

I was raised among computers. My mother was a computer programmer working for an industrial automation company where she was active in the development of their flagship product line (hint: Bailey Network90) and that’s were most of my interest came from. Growing up, we regularly had MSDN sets laying around, so the first programming language I learned was VB6, which still holds a certain place in my heart (even if I now find it very unproductive). My Mom would often take me to work with her when I was real little, and I got to see and use MODCOMP, and VAX’s. Almost no-one my age even knows what those are! In high school, my knowledge of VB6 was formalized.

In college (which I’m still attending), I learned Java. As a requirement for graduation, I’ve had to co-op for four semesters. My first coop (two semesters) was working with Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley), in the Embedded Software division on such products as 1756 ControlLogix. This is were I leaned C++ and C#.

My second coop was with one of their competitors: ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) one of the world’s largest conglomerates and power grid builders. Essentially they’re the GE of Europe ???? Specifically I worked at the PSPG division headquarters (Bailey Controls) in the Software Development group. While there I worked on product builds, installation development, configuration management processes, development procedures, internal support, and integration & testing. The new release of Composer Harmony, the cheif component of SPE 1.0 (Symphony Plus Engineering) one of ABB’s flagship automation products (the other is 800xA) was done by your’s truly. I was also instrumental in the new release of Composer CTK. Its somewhat ironic that I would later be involved in the successors to some of the products my Mom worked on! While there, I restructured and changed the global configuration management strategy for the entire division, and worked with in multiple professional capacities. As one senior employee put it, within a few weeks I had obtained a depth of knowledge about their products that could easily outpace top level support who’d been with the company for several years.

On the side I often like studying linguistics (both natural and programmatic) which is what started my interest in the Rebol, and later Red, programming languages. I’m an outspoken proponent of the languages and the concepts they embody. I’ve been quietly following their development for several years.


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