RMHC of Northwest Ohio

Our Mission Statement: RMHC is committed to enriching the lives of children by providing comfort, care, and support to families in Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan, and beyond.

Core Values:

Lead with compassion
Focus on the critical needs of children and families
Celebrate diversity of thought, backgrounds, people and our programs
Value our heritage
Operate with accountability and transparency


Visit Our Website: https://rmhctoledo.org/


  • 1/13/22 – To view our COVID-19 vaccination statement, click HERE.

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Desired Outcomes:

1. Sustainable programs, services and assets/facilities for today and in the future through fiscal responsibility and meaningful relationships.

2. An exceptional Culture focused on relationships, training and development, accountability and character framed by vision, knowledge, principles and values.

Strategies for Successful Outcomes:

Strategy 1: Focused attention toward a collaborative and evolving strategy.

Strategy 2: Increase fiscal position to sustain the RMHC mission into the future.

Strategy 3: Continually improve communication to enhance/sustain the culture.

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