BizPulser, LLC.

A Business Diagnostics and Consulting Company

BizPulser bring the best of two worlds together. First, an innovative and exclusive (BASE) strategy model that focuses on individual goals, values, and desired outcomes and blends them into organizational plans that drive results! Second, cutting edge technology that drives the engine. This “pulser” technology powered by lemmesay, allows BizPulser to bring data measurements in real time the allow the BASE strategy mythology to come to life!

BizPulser is a joint venture between Tranzamon LLC. and Base Results, LLC. Tranzamon is a technology company that provides BizPulser with its cutting edge technology. Base Results is a strategy consulting and business coaching company that provides its proprietary BASE Strategy model to BizPulser.

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Meet Our Team!

Chad Bringman CEO
Tia Wurst – CIO

Abul Faiz Ahmed – Chairman:

Tia Wurst – Chief Information Officer:

Nathan Childress – Leadership Strategist:

Todd Drusback – Director of Sales and Marketing –

Phil Witker – Professional Sales Representative –

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