Get your WEBcard, the Web Enabled Business card linked to a Microsite

Jump into the space of unlimited potential from the limited space of traditional business card. 
Know who is interested in you!
Traditional business cards are literally dead!
WEBcards are Live! Hot! Smart!
The WEBcard is the new generation business card linked to a microsite which is web enabled by QR code and NFC chip.

By scanning the QR code with phone camera or by tapping the NFC chip with compatible android and iPhone, your friends, colleagues, clients, people you meet and exchange business cards will be able to access your microsite. 

Grow your network! Allow technology to help you create new engagements

Upload and edit your microsite anytime without changing your WEBcard!

Tell your stories, stories of your success, hobbies, interests, stories about yourself!

Know how many are accessing your microsite using your WEBcard!

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Boost your Success

Why waste money on fixed text and graphics based business cards? How many business cards can you store in your wallet or card holder? Why to make your friends, clients or colleagues bored in typing a URL or phone number from your static business card? Use WEBcard, allow them to save your vCard information including microsite URL in their phones. Allow them to tap your URL to view your microsite or call you just tapping the call button in your microsite. No hassle! Look smart!

Number of People scanning your WEBcard, viewing your microsite!

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